Starting in the 1930’s, Rudolph Planeta and his brothers started Artistic Wire Products and began manufacturing wire lampshade frames.  In the 1950’s, under the Vinylmaid brand, expansion to wire housewares & decorative items began. Rudolph’s son Edward learned precision fabrication techniques at Associated Spring as well as cost effective production methods at Artistic Wire when he managed the Artistic Wire factory.

Acme Wire is Born

In 1970, Edward J. Planeta started Acme Wire Products Co., Inc. to provide the growing printer and computer industries with custom engineered wire products. His dream & vision helped propel the company to its current state and inspired his children to continue the fabrication tradition.

Acme Wire Today

Today, Acme Wire Products is run by a team of Planeta siblings; Mary Planeta Fitzgerald, Edward J. Planeta, Jr, & Michael Planeta. Each team member brings hands-on manufacturing experience with outside business perspective. Our goal is to become and remain the top precision wire fabricator in the country and to provide our customers with engineered wire products that best suit their fabrication needs.

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