Telecom and Premise Wiring

Precision wire products produced to your exacting standards

Steel wire is a natural choice for telecom and premise wiring guides and trays due to its smooth, nick-free surface. Open construction allows ease of access for cable installation, follow-up inspection, upgrades or service. Wire routing rings attach easily to cabinets and frames, and large lightweight fabrications are no longer unwieldy because of wire’s high strength to weight ratio.

Acme Wire Products manufactures cable and fiber optic trays, cable management panels and hardware, routing rings and tie bars to your custom specifications. Our experienced team of design engineers can assist you with updating your design to wire or with creating new products using wire and sheet metal.

Cable troughs / trays

A lightweight alternative for holding cable, the open construction of these wire formed parts allows better access to the back of telecom or electronic equipment. The open design creates a skeletonized framework which allows cables to be routed through the panels. Smooth metal construction won't nick cables or installers!

Cable management panel

Created from sheet metal and/or smooth, lightweight wire, and featuring a durable epoxy finish, cable management panels allow increased flexibility of guiding cables while maintaining structural rigidity.

Fiber optic trays and cable rings

Created from formed wire, the smooth metal surface reduces wear and tear on delicate fibers. Lightweight trays are easily mounted to cabinetry.

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