Sporting Goods

Protects the professional and amateur athlete

Acme Wire Products manufactures welded wire components that withstand stringent NOCSAE requirements. Custom guards, masks and frames can be made to protect both the serious athlete and the intramural player.

We’ve manufactured over 1.5 million facemasks integrated into sports equipment. We are also the primary domestic facemask supplier to the largest lacrosse helmet manufacturer on the market.

Superior weld integrity

Each facemask or wire guard part is produced on our CNC wire forming equipment and then robotically welded. Facemasks can be finished with a durable coating in a variety of colors on our in-house powder coating system.

Facemask for helmet

Created from a specially developed material, this facemask features a durable UV resistant powder coated finish.

Wire mask

Wire masks guard and protect the face and eyes of lacrosse and football players from balls, sticks, elbows and abrasive environments. Acme Wire Products maintains rigorous testing procedures during the manufacturing process to ensure all wire guards and masks provide reliable face protection.

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