Medical and Food Processing

Built to withstand repeated washing and sterilization

Medical and food processing equipment must be durable, smooth, and easy to clean. Acme Wire Products specializes in the custom fabrication of stainless steel components and parts that withstand the high temperatures and harsh cleaning environments – including repeated sterilization – inherent in the pharmaceutical, health care, and food processing industries.

Due to its smooth surface, stainless steel wire protects against nicks and cuts on people, latex and cloth items and provides a better surface for disinfection. The material can be electropolished for a clean, bright surface.

Weld integrity is a primary consideration when specifying wire fabrications. Our internal weld testing procedure assures your parts are consistently strong. Cosmetic arc welding provides a smooth surface that ensures all areas will remain germ-free during cleaning processes. High temperature alloys available.

Basket, pharmaceutical processing

Made from perforated stainless steel sheet metal, this basket, used for sterilizing medical vials, features a hinged welded top and lock. The entire basket was electropolished for a bright smooth finish.

Frame, bakery equipment

To create this hamburger bun "proofing frame," we used bent and formed stainless steel wire. The frame features two machined hinge pins welded to the frame. All wire forming, arc welding and assembly was done on site.

Washing basket, hospitals

This stainless steel basket, for use with hospital sterilization equipment, features intricate wire forming and subcomponent welding at multiple levels. An electropolish finish ensures the metal's surface is clean and bright. These types of baskets are frequently used in hospital transport trolleys and medical laboratory furniture. Acme Wire Products also makes stainless steel shelves and racks for laboratory applications.

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