Industrial and OEM

Versatile, lightweight, and strong

The engineering team at Acme Wire Products assists in new product development and production for steel and stainless steel metal components. Whether you have a concept that needs design refinement, suggestions for manufacturability or cost reduction, or a full production run of a component to be integrated into a larger assembly, Acme Wire Products can help.

Materials expertise includes carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, Inconel, and Monel – with wire diameters ranging from 0.060 in to 0.50 in. and production quantities ranging from one hundred to tens of thousands.

From wire forms, handles, and industrial frames and racks to intricate component parts or entire metal assemblies, we’re the trusted source for custom fabricated industrial metal products.

Frame, industrial equipment

Using 5/16" diameter stainless steel, this frame was bent, welded, formed and assembled to ensure structural rigidity.

Specialty handles, components for OEM

Formed using CNC (computer numerical control) technology, these stainless steel wire handles also include swaged (flattened) tips and precision machined holes. The U- and V-shapes were formed using brake / bend processes.

Lead apron rack, industrial

The heavy sheet metal plate includes machined and counter sunk holes; formed rods were arc welded into place. Powder coating and assembly, including rubber tips, conducted on site.

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